IPTV Streaming Service MADE EASIER

Have you been looking for a way to cut your huge cable bill? Well look no further because NzingaNet now offers streaming IPTV service at the lowest possible cost in your area.

Streaming TV to your home: MADE EASIER

NzingaNet is pleased to bring you live TV via your internet connection. Whether you're connected to our internet service, or another provider, we can provide you with cable equivalent TV service for a fraction of the cost you're currently paying to your cable or satellite provider

NzingaNet IPTV streaming service: Cheaper than cable

Cloud DVR: Allows you to record shows from your program guide; with unlimited storage. Cloud catch-up: Allows you to start a show from the very beginning after it's already in progress. Use your current Smart TV or Roku

Program Guide:Better than cable

With ease our program guide enables you to search for other shows at the same time you're viewing your current program

Premium Package:

Add additional premium channels like, HBO, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX, STARZ/ENCORE to build a complete premium package

Channel Line Up MADE EASIER

Channel line up for all services