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Transforming Technology into Business Opportunity

We’re a creative and driven managed IT services provider, helping you achieve your goals with powerful technology and passionate service.

"You and your team have always been great - easy decision to keep this service with NZINGANET 🙂"
Tanikka Dennison
Crosstech Consulting Group

Enabling You to Thrive with Secure Technology

Is your IT becoming a burden? Do you feel it is an obstacle rather than an enabler of your success? We’re here to help you change the story. We don’t just take care of managing your tech so you can focus on what matters; we’re a strategic IT partner that helps businesses like yours use technology to achieve their strategic goals.

Lower Costs, Save Time, Achieve More

From Obstacle To Enabler

Improve the speed, reliability, and security of your IT environment with fast and responsive support from our passionate tech gurus.

Secure Your Business And Your Customers

Secure Your Success Story

CMMC-compliant, we help SMBs and government organizations to minimize their cyber risks, ensure business continuity, and secure their compliance.

Create Scalable, Profitable Growth

Connect IT With Your Goals

Harness some of the best technology on the market to delight your customers and drive profitable and scalable growth while empowering your team to do their best work.

Focus On What You Do Best

Your IT Department Down The Hall

Let go of the burden of managing and navigating your IT; focus on managing your business, not your tech!

Working as an Extension of Your Business

Named after the tireless and creative African queen, Nzinga, we bring the same ethos to enabling businesses to thrive with technology. A creative, passionate, and can-do team that you can turn to for all things IT, we don’t just solve technology problems; we solve business problems using technology! 

We’re your IT department and digital defenders, just down the hall. People you can call upon to connect technology with better outcomes for your business, customers, and easier lives for your team. Here’s how we do it.

Tell Us What You Need!

Tell us what you need, and we'll take the steps to make it happen. We do 'can do' IT that focuses on turning your pains into better outcomes for you.

Secure-By-Design, Always

We put security first in all that we do and offer a suite of tools and expertise that offer enterprise-class, CMMC-compliant security.

Your Complete IT Department

From helpdesk IT support to IT project management, vCIO services, and cybersecurity, we bring the tools and resources that you need to thrive.

Real People, Real Relationships

Frustrated with slow, impersonal service? You'll find NzingaNet to be a breath of fresh air! We care for our clients and build genuine relationships with them.

"You and your team have always been great - easy decision to keep this service with NZINGANET 🙂"

Tanikka Dennison

Crosstech Consulting Group


Tireless IT and Cybersecurity Problem Solvers


We’re here to take care of your tech, so you can take care of your business. From IT support to cybersecurity and cloud solutions, we bring the expertise and toolkit that you need to go from tech misery to market mastery!


IT Support

IT Support

Our IT support services provide everything you need for a smooth-sailing IT experience, including proactive helpdesk support from our friendly team of experts, as well as monitoring, management, and optimization for your network, devices, and apps to ensure they are working securely and at their best.



Our CMMC-compliant cybersecurity services deploy multiple layers of advanced cybersecurity tools to protect your business’s IT environment, ensuring that your servers, network, work devices, apps, and user accounts remain secure. You will also be protected by a dedicated cybersecurity operations center, which provides 24/7 monitoring to ensure the security of your business at all times.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Tap into the power of cloud technology with our versatile cloud solutions. We offer cloud proof-of-concept, management, and migration services, as well as data backup and recovery solutions that help your business to lower costs and improve service performance while elevating scalability and ensuring security across your cloud infrastructure and services.

Network Penetration Testing: Assess Your Security Before Attackers Do

If your business was hacked tomorrow, do you know what would happen? Protecting your valuable assets and customer data is paramount in today’s digital landscape.

Alongside robust security software, regular network penetration tests play a critical role, and these tests are precisely what cybersecurity insurers will look for when assessing your policy.