NzingaNet, Inc. is an Information Technology solutions provider focused on small to medium size businesses and government.

What is Included?

Cloud Monitoring Good Enhanced Paramount
ServerOS Yes Yes Yes
Compute Yes Yes Yes
Storage Yes Yes Yes
Application Yes Yes
Firewall Yes Yes
DNS Yes Yes
Load balancer Yes
Database Yes
Cloud Identity
Troubleshooting Yes Yes Yes
Cloud ID Setup Yes Yes Yes
Hybrid ID Setup Yes Yes Yes
FedratedID Setup Yes Yes
Role BasedAccessContol Yes
UserChange Yes
Cloud Configuration
Patching Yes Yes Yes
Password Reset Yes Yes Yes
Auditing Changes Yes Yes
Troubleshooting Yes Yes
Pre-Configure Resources Yes
Policy Management Yes
Antivirus and MalwareDetection Yes Yes Yes
ThreatDetection Yes Yes
Deep Security Yes
Alerts&Thresholds Yes Yes Yes
Alert Notification Yes Yes Yes
Customised Dashboards Yes Yes
Log Analytics Yes
Email Yes Yes Yes
SMS Yes Yes
Phone Yes Yes
Cloud Consumption Visibilitythrough dashboards Yes Yes
Cloud Usageand Risk Analysis Yes
Cloud Financial Analysis Yes
Cloud Support SLA
SeverityLevel A 1-2 hours 0.30 – 1hours 0.15 – 0.30 hours
SeverityLevel B 2-3 hours 1- 2 hours 0.30 – 0.45 hours
SeverityLevel C 3-4 hours 2 -3 hours 1-2 hours
Support Engineer L1& L2 Access L1, L2 & L3 Access L1, L2 & L3
AccessPath Linear path Linear path Direct Access to L2 or L3
Architect Shared Dedicated
Technical AccountManager Shared Dedicated
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